Day 7: The Big Push

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Miles today: 1086
Miles to date: 2813

After driving almost the entire length of France, we changed our travel plans again as we realised we were going to hit Calais just before 1730. Managed to catch a train straight away and was back in Folkestone before 1800 UK time.  A big push on the driving got us back into Carlisle around 0100. Quick run along the M74 to Annan and the first night in a real bed without the sound of (i) a monkey blowing a trumpet, (ii) bells, (iii) grasshoppers, (iv) dogs barking, (v) donkeys braying, (vi) cockrels crowing, and (vii) a large dutchman snoring in the next tent!!! Or as we have come to know them, the sounds of Bedoin and Ventoux!

One last 210 mile drive and the Tour de Foley will be over.


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