Day 6: Ventoux

Posted: June 9, 2011 in Uncategorized









Miles covered: 32
Miles to date: 1727

2 hours 13 minutes, 2059 calories, 1912m (6310ft) of climbing and the summit was reached. Absolutely Baltic at the top after the effort so coffee and crepes were the order of the day. Helmets back on and a quick scooter back to the Tom Simpson memorial.20 minutes later we were rolling back to the campsite.

Pasta for lunch and the took the car back up Ventoux from the other side. Unknowingly we also ended up at the summit of the Col du Madeline. Return travel has been brought forward as we have achieved everything we set out to do and now have sore legs.

We should now be home Saturday afternoon. Bonus for me (J) is that I will be able to go to Lara’s first dancing show and will get a lie in on Sunday before being back to work Monday.

The week has totally sped by and we have done something most people would only have dreamed of.

Heading back into town now to buy pizza from Bernard Breslaws French brother!!!

Forza Alto Ventuno!


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