Day 5: The Alpe to Ventoux.

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Uncategorized










Miles today: 160
Miles to date: 1695

Woke up to torrential rain. At this point the tent decided that after 16 years of being waterproof, it had decided to give up. With rain now dripping in, we quickly got up, took the tent down and said goodbye to The Alpe.

We decided to make the 160 mile trip avoiding the toll motorways and seeing a bit of the countryside.

First stop was at Gap where we went to see the spot where Lance Armstrong went offroading during the 2003 Tour. The field in question was much steeper than we had imagined and the drops at either side were huge. Having seen it for real made what you see on TV even more impressive.

After leaving Gap on the back roads, fields of apples and fantastic gorges followed until we arrived on the lavender sided lower slopes of Ventoux.

After pitching the tent and setting all of our wet stuff out to dry, we took a walk around Bedoin, took a load of photos and had a proper pizza meal for tea.

Excited about Ventoux tomorrow but looking for less wind!!



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