Day 4: Criterium du Dauphine

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Uncategorized



Miles today: 214
Miles to Date: 1535

Rest day today with rain stopping play for most people round here. In a town where you can either go cycling up hills or go cycling up hills, not a lot was happening first thing. When the rain took a break, we took a drive up The Alpe and videoed it with the intention of posting it here. File size has prevented this so we will do it later when we get back.

The drive up took us 22 minutes which is put into perspective when you think that Marco Pantani did this in a shade under 37 minutes on a bike after completing a 200km stage of the Tour which also consisted of at least two other HC climbs!

After not getting the tent pitched on Sunday night, we rejigged our days to avoid a repeat performance in Bedoin tomorrow, and drove a total of 3 hours to watch the entire Criterium peloton speed past us in less than 20 seconds. This was totally unexpected given we had picked the top of a climb and had at least expected them to have the decency to go by at a speed where you could pick them out. I saw nobody of note but Bren stood on the other side of the road and ,even though he saw Bradley Wiggins, failed to push him to the ground for having stupid hair.

On the way back, as it was still raining we thought we would have a drive to the top of the Col du Glandon however a combination of things made us decide to abandon the search. On the way we came across Claudio Chiappucci’s name still painted on a roadside barrier which must have been there since the late 80s. Erik Dekker still has his name up there as well!

Just finished a tent made tea of freshly baked French bread, pate, jambon and the finest quality hot dog sausages, all washed down with flower flavoured Fanta (not the Lemon Fanta it looked like!!) and Leffe Blonde bier.

Early(ish) start tomorrow to Gap for a look at the field Lance Armstrong rode his bike across, and then on to Bedoin and Ventoux.



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