Day 2: Folkestone to The Alpe

Posted: June 5, 2011 in Uncategorized






Miles today: 674
Miles to date: 1300

Early train over to Calais then a couple of stops before heading South.

Took a short detour to Roubaix where an extremely kind man let us onto the Velodrome itself! Superb to have a wander round and walk the finishing straight and bankings.

Next stop Arenburg to walk along the trench. Unbelieveable that the Pave get ridden at 50kph when it is difficult to even walk on some areas! Couldn’t risk running the bikes here as I imagine we would have ended up needing four new wheels!

Arrived at the campsite at 2200 in the dark and pouring rain. It was raining so hard that the owner said we could sleep on the floor of the amenities building rather than try to pitch our tent.

Hopefully tomorrow will be dry and we can get the tent pitched and The Alpe done.



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