Day 1: A warning for those who plan ahead.

Posted: June 4, 2011 in Uncategorized


Miles covered today: 431
Miles to date: 626

Travelled from Annan to Folkestone and ended the day with two pints of the local pubs finest Doggie Duber** real ale.

With tomorrow having an early start, we decided to have a quick recce of the Chunnel location and ended up trapped in the check-in area being asked if we wanted to travel today. With no accomodation booked on the French side for tonight, we had no option but to declare ourselves idiots and ask to be let out and return in the morning. After a bit of too-ing and froing, we were allowed to pass through, tails firmly  between our legs.

At least we know the score for tomorrow.

Pain au Chocolat and strong coffee for breakfast and a 0700 train under the Channel to France.


J & B

** Names have been changed to protect the innocent: “Doggie Duber” may not have been the name of the ale but in our heads and memories it will always be!


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